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Our ground protection mesh can protect any area from excessive crowds, weighty equipment or heavy vehicles (up to 7.5 tonnes per axle).

Grass Continues to Grow

Our unique design allows grass to grow back through the mesh while preserving the green and natural look of your grass.

Affordable ‘Green’ Solution

Manufactured with up to 100% recycled plastic, these rolls of mesh are much more of an environmentally friendly product than tarmac or concrete.

Technical Documentation

Data sheets and installation guides are available online for all of our mesh products to give you the comfort that our product is the best on the market.

Site Visits

Our technical sales team is made up of industry experts that have been selling these products since their inception and are happy to chat you through any questions.

Installation Available

For large projects, we have an installations team available and so will be happy to provide a quote so you can sit back and relax.

Lite (10mm)

Typical uses for light 10mm grade Grass Reinforcement Mesh are:

  • Light use car parking, mainly used in the warmer months;
  • Light to medium use for pedestrian or disabled walkways, mainly used in the warmer months;
  • Dog running tracks and to protect against digging for small & medium dogs;
  • Wheelchair access paths.


Typical uses for medium 13mm grade Grass Reinforcement Mesh are:

  • Large overflow car parking mainly used in the warmer months – like festivals and weddings;
  • Small overflow car parks used infrequently throughout the year;
  • Front lawn parking for cars;
  • Heavy use pedestrian walkways used in the warmer months; and,
  • Occasional verge parking throughout the year.


Typical uses for the heavy 14.5mm grade Grass Reinforcement Mesh are:

  • Large overflow event car parks used throughout the year – like visitor attractions, theme parks, wedding / conference centres and sports venues;
  • Small overflow car parking area used frequently throughout the year – like churches, schools, and sports venues;
  • Heavy use pedestrian walkways used throughout the year;
  • Grass access routes like emergency access routes to playing fields; and
  • Equestrian areas or paddocks (note a level grassy area is required – please get in touch for advice).


We have a custom 2.5m width that is perfect for creating access roads. A forklift or a similar vehicle is required to be able to unload this product. Please enquire for more details.

Grass reinforcement mesh

More Information ON GRASS MESH

For regular / multiple vehicle use and creating long-term car parks on grass areas, we generally recommend our Heavy Duty Grass Protection Mesh, which will protect grass from vehicles including cars, golf buggies and lorries up to 7.5 tonnes.

Grassmats Grass Reinforcement Mesh has been specially designed to be laid directly on to existing grass. It allows the grass to be used for purposes that normally would not be considered because of very likely unacceptable levels of damage.

The mesh has been constructed in such a way, from specially selected plastics and structure, to allow full entanglement with the existing grass realising a much stronger non-slip wearing surface. Within the working parameters of the mesh, this allows the grassed surface to be resistant to damage and rutting on a permanent basis.

Mesh also greatly reduces the over compaction of the soil, thus allowing the grass roots to survive receiving air and water.

The grass protection mesh can also be applied to freshly prepared and seeded areas, but time must be given for the grass structure to become strong enough. This is normally a growing season. Grass mesh is an easy and affordable solution to create areas for parking on grass and reinforce grass for pedestrian use.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh Applications

Read our guide to learn more about the many applications of Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Case Study: The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust

Find out more about how mesh helped The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust create overflow parking!

Product FAQs

Does the grass protection mesh need to be laid on grass?The mesh has been specially designed to encourage grass entanglement and so significantly increasing the durability and strength of the mesh.  It also needs a grass root structure to rest on and so is not pushed in the ground by traffic.

Can the grass protection mesh be laid at any time of the year?Yes, but there would be many factors that may have to be considered to when the mesh can be used straightaway and would it be fit for purpose.  Please contact Grassmats technical for guidance on suitability.

Can the grass be mown after installation?Yes, it can.  In fact, it is important the grass is cut regularly to encourage entanglement with the reinforcement.  The entanglement will add strength to the mesh and starts to occur after several cuts.  It may be prudent to set the cutting blades a little higher than normal on the first few cuts.

How long after the reinforcement mesh has been laid can it be used?The Grass Reinforcement is generally considered fit to be used after the grass has been cut 6 to 7 times and so a good degree of entanglement has occurred.

Can the protection mesh be used straight away?Yes, it can but please contact the Grassmats Ltd technical team for guidance.

Unsure whether Grass Reinforcement Mesh is suitable for your needs?

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