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Case Study: National Trust – Lacock Abbey

Case Study: National Trust – Lacock Abbey

Requirement: Overflow Grass Car Parking for All Round Use – 2,880m2

Client: National Trust – Lacock Abbey 

Location: Lacock, Chippenham


Lacock Abbey is a beautiful and spectacular structure and garden run by The National Trust.  It has always been an attractive site to visit due to its wonderful gardens and Abbey.  

However, over the past years it has become even more popular due to some of the interior of the Abbey being used for filming for some scenes in the Harry Potter film series and other television shows.  This has led to an ever-increasing footfall and demands on available car parking.  The existing car and coach car park is a hard standing area for cars and coaches and a grass overflow car park for cars only.  The grass car park spaces, accessed by hard standing roadways, had – in places – become devoid of grass due to a mixture of misuse and overuse. The areas could be repaired but this would have to be done time and time again and, as there was little or no grass in some areas, car wheel movements could become very damaging.  

A solution needed to be found that allowed the grass to be protected, that could be used all year round, would be low cost, need no extra drainage works, and look just like grass when finished to preserve the natural look of the Abbey’s surroundings.



It was agreed, after a program of preparation and seeding to be done, that Grassmats Heavy Grass Reinforcement Mesh be installed to solve the long-term problem.  This was decided after taking into consideration soil and drainage conditions, the expected frequency of use and low costs needed to provide the solution.  Once the Grass Reinforcement had become entangled with the grass, the reinforcement matting would become almost invisible.  The matting was installed by the Grassmats installation team over four days.


Lacock Abbey now has a reinforced grass car parking area which can be relied upon to be used all year round for overflow car parking for 200+ cars.  The reinforced grass parking area will remove the issues regarding parking on grass in inclement weather.  The grass car park is very much in keeping with the green surroundings and the long-term ethos of the National Trust and Grassmats Ltd. 

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