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The Many Applications of Grass Reinforcement Mesh

The Many Applications of Grass Reinforcement Mesh

The Many Applications of Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a product that is commonly used to protect grass in car parks and pedestrian walkways. It is made of weather-resistant materials, so it will be able to perform all year long, even in wetter and colder conditions! These products are often used to cover the ground in areas where people walk or drive on grass surfaces.

Grass Parking

Grassmats Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a high-quality, durable product that is perfect for parking protection either in car parks or verges.  It has been designed to allow complete water permeability, entangle with existing grass, and give a grass finish.  It allows the grass to be used as a parking area when normally it would not be considered.   The Medium or Heavy Grade is the recommended choice for parking of cars – which of these to use would be down to factors such as pointed above.

Wide shot of cars parked on grass mesh
Creating a strong base for overflow parking on grass

Pedestrian Walkways

The mesh is widely used in high-footfall areas on grass, making it the perfect solution for festivals, events, markets and anywhere you’ll get lots of people walking on grass.  All three grades are used for pedestrian use.  However, as for which grade will provide the desired solution, will depend on the ground conditions, the frequency of use, existing grass cover and the season in which it will be used.

Vehicle Access Roads

Grassmats have a 2.5m wide roll which has been specially made for access across grass by vehicular traffic.  It comes as a wide enough roll to allow single direction movements.  It is often used to provide an emergency ambulance route across grass to allow access to sporting playing fields.  Other uses include Moorland access by Argocats and access to outbuildings across grass.

Grass overflow car park

Disabled Access Across Grass

Grass Reinforcement – mainly the Medium Grade – is used to reinforce the grass to allow movement over grass.  The mesh stops wheelchair wheels from digging into the grass, providing a smooth passage.  When the area is needed to be used immediately and before the grass has grown into the mesh and fully entangled, the mesh can overdressed with a sand.

Animal Digging Deterrent

Grass Protection Mesh has been used to deter digging by a variety of animals – both domestic and wild.  Most common is digging done by dogs.  Medium Grade Protection Mesh is the usual choice for most breeds of dogs and Heavy Grade for large and giant breeds.  The mesh has also been used as a deterrent against digging for rabbits, moles, foxes, and badgers. Normally, the heavy grade is used in this scenario.

When Grass Reinforcement is Likely Unsuitable

As great as Grass Reinforcement Mesh is at protecting grassed areas so they can be trafficked and used for parking etc., when normally the grass would not be utilised, Grass Reinforcement Mesh cannot used to protect the ground from larger, heavier vehicles such as HGVs or forklifts. This weight and imposed loadings from these will tear up the mesh. It is also unsuitable for fire engine appliances for fire emergency access routes.  See our other solutions or contact our technical team to choose the right product for these scenarios.

Grass Reinforcement is also unsuitable for areas directly being used for sports.  For example, football or rugby pitches.  However, it is very commonly installed for pedestrian viewing areas on grass or matchday parking.

If Grass Mesh is Unsuitable

If Grass Reinforcement Mesh is unsuitable for your needs, we have a few products that may work for your situation, so please contact us for advice on or on 01260 583 020!

If Grass Reinforcement Mesh is Suitable – Check Out Our Range!

Are you looking to protect your grassed areas? Want to schedule a site visit?

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