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Anti Slip Mat (1.5m x 0.9m)

  • 10mm thickness for superior anti slip performance.
  • Versatile mat for pools, hot tubs, patios, decking, roofs, and more.
  • Reliable grip to prevent slips and falls in any setting.
  • Easy installation and low-maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting durability.

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Introducing our premium 10mm Anti Slip Mat: the ultimate solution for a safe and secure environment. With its generous dimensions of 0.9m x 1.5m and a weight of 9.3kg, this mat offers exceptional quality and performance to meet your anti slip needs.


Designed to provide a reliable grip, our Anti Slip Mat ensures stability and prevents accidental slips or falls, making it ideal for a wide range of settings. Whether you’re lounging by a pool (swimming or paddling!), enjoying a relaxing soak in the hot tub, or simply spending time on your patio or decking, this mat offers unparalleled safety and peace of mind.


Not limited to residential use, our Anti Slip Mat also shines in commercial environments. From warehouses to high-traffic areas, it delivers reliable traction and enhanced grip, making it an excellent choice for ensuring the safety of your employees and customers.

Key Features:


  • Superior Anti Slip Performance: Our 10mm Anti Slip Mat offers an enhanced grip to keep you steady on your feet, even in wet or slippery conditions.
  • Versatile Application: Perfectly suited for various settings, including swimming pools, hot tubs, patios, decking, roofs, and commercial environments like warehouses.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted with utmost precision, this mat is built to withstand heavy usage while maintaining its integrity and anti-slip properties.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain: Simply lay the mat in your desired location, and it’s ready to go. It requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to focus on enjoying your space.


Invest in the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you with our top-of-the-line 10mm Anti Slip Mat. Don’t compromise when it comes to preventing accidents. Choose reliability, durability, and peace of mind. Order your Anti Slip Mat today and experience the difference it makes in your everyday life.


Note: For any specific installation instructions and guidelines, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated customer support team for assistance.

Additional information

Weight9.3 kg
Dimensions1500 × 900 × 10 mm

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Grassmats Anti-Slip Matting Specification

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