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Solid Top - Edging - Male

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Important notice: This edging is only for use with our interlocking 16mm solid top gym mats.

Ramped edging is generally used to eliminate trip hazards, typically when our matting ends midway through a room or if extra clearance is needed to be able to open doors.

There are two types of ramped edging connections for these mats, which we refer to as male and female. The male edging has a protruding edge and connects to the straight edge side of our 16mm solid top gym matting. The female edging sits on top of the protruding edges of the matting.

All of the edging pieces contain an in built corner system for use when the edging is being used at the corner of the matting and is being joined to another edging piece. Each edging piece has an indentation on the underside and so if the corner piece is not required, this can be easily cut-off with a sharp blade such as with a Stanley knife.

Generally if matting is purchased to cover a full room, then we recommend looking to trim the mats to size so they sit flush against a wall rather than using ramped edging, which typically isn’t needed.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions1000 × 75 × 16 mm
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