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Green Grass Mats 22mm



  • Grass walkways
  • Disabled access routes; vehicle access routes
  • Interior use; including bars, cellars
  • Protect ground from churn and reduce mud
  • Preserve grass
  • Safety on playgrounds
  • Also in black

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Introducing our Green Grass Mats, thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with your lawn while offering practical ground protection. These mats are specifically tailored for areas with slower grass growth, ensuring a natural appearance that harmonizes with your outdoor environment. These mats are 1.5m x 1.0m and 22mm thick (including underside dimples).


Ideal for a range of applications, our Green Grass Mats are well-suited for creating pedestrian pathways, wheelchair access routes, and equestrian areas. Whether you’re managing a golf course, installing low-level play equipment, or seeking to provide a dry surface for yourself or your pet, these mats deliver reliable performance without compromising on aesthetics.


While our mats feature high-quality color pigments and have been UV stabilised to maintain their green appearance, it’s important to note that some minor discoloration may occur over time. However, once installed grass begins to grow through the mats, any changes in color become less noticeable, seamlessly blending with the surrounding landscape.


If the mats are being kept in storage, we recommend rolling the mats rather than folding them to prevent damage and ensure their longevity. With our Green Grass Mats, you can trust in a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for your ground protection needs. Elevate your outdoor environment with confidence, knowing that our mats offer both functionality and visual harmony.

Additional information

Weight12.5 kg
Dimensions1500 × 1000 × 22 mm

Versatile Applications: Where Functionality Meets Diversity

The 1.5m x 1.0m Rubber Grass Mat is a versatile solution that adapts seamlessly to a wide range of environments. With its practical design and robust construction, these mats elevate safety, aesthetics, and performance across various settings.

🏞️ Playground Protection: Enhance safety in play areas effortlessly. Our Rubber Grass Mats discreetly integrate beneath play equipment, offering reliable protection for children’s play spaces. With a critical fall height of up to 3.5m, they provide a secure foundation for carefree play.

🏟️ Event Durability: From bustling events to tranquil gatherings, our mats excel as temporary pathways and standing areas. Designed to withstand constant foot traffic, they ensure a dependable surface without compromising the natural surroundings.

Golf Course Enhancement: Combat weather challenges with ease. Utilise our mats for golf matting, ensuring a secure, non-slip surface while preserving the golf course’s visual appeal. Protect the integrity of the course without sacrificing its natural beauty.

🏋️‍♀️ Fitness Facilities: Transform exercise areas, indoors and outdoors, with our mats. Safeguard the underlying ground from wear and tear, promoting effective drainage while seamlessly blending into the exercise environment.

🐄 Farm Comfort: Prioritise livestock well-being with our mats. Ideal for cattle sheds, feeding areas, gateways, and more, these mats offer a comfortable, non-slip surface. Prevent grass erosion and create a discreet, functional flooring solution.

🐎 Equestrian Ease: Elevate equestrian spaces with our mats. From stables to paddocks and walkways, they provide a stable, discreet flooring option that supports grass growth underneath.

🍻 Hospitality Convenience: Enhance patron experience in pubs and bars. Our mats contribute to safety and comfort, making them an ideal addition for various commercial settings.

🌳 Take Care of Nature: Extend grass protection to pathways, gateways, and beyond. Prevent erosion, cultivate safety, and maintain the natural allure of your surroundings.

Explore boundless possibilities with Grassmats’ 1.5m x 1.0m Rubber Grass Mat. Its adaptability meets innovation, offering versatile solutions to diverse applications. From children’s play to serene landscapes, from dynamic events to tranquil retreats – these mats redefine what you can achieve.

Ready to transform your space? Place your order today and unlock the potential of versatile ground protection. Our expert team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Seize the opportunity and enhance your environment now.

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Grassmats 22mm Rubber Grass Mat Specification 

Grassmats 22mm Rubber Grass Mat Install Guide 

Grassmats 22mm Rubber Grass Mat Safety Certificate 

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16mm vs 22mm Grass Mats

The difference between 22mm and 16mm rubber grass mats lies in their thickness. The 22mm mats are thicker and more durable, making them ideal for heavy foot traffic areas such as playgrounds or outdoor sports facilities. They offer more cushioning, which helps reduce the impact of falls and provide greater protection to the ground underneath. On the other hand, 16mm mats are thinner and more lightweight, making them easier to handle and install. They are often used in lighter traffic areas, such as residential lawns or parks. The thinner design also makes them more cost-effective. Both types of mats provide an effective solution for protecting grassed areas and reducing maintenance costs, but the choice between them will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the location in which they are being used.

Some customer reviews...

"We just bought some rubber mats from this retailer. The mats are really good quality and the service was excellent. Really reasonable and quick delivery. Previously we bought similar mats from other retailers and can honestly say these grass mats are much better quality."

Christa BrazierChrista BrazierGoogle review

The rubber grass mats for our play park are very good quality and at a very competitive price with very quick delivery. A great transaction, thanks.

Peter JenningsPeter JenningsTrustpilot

Love the mats, they are exactly what I wanted to put on the lawn where the dog frequently runs. Ordered one day, delivered the next. Amazing service.

Valerie SewardValerie SewardTrustpilot
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