Playground Safety Grass Mats

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Our 1.5m x 1.0m playground safety matting is perfect for use in your playground. These ring-hole mats will allow the grass to grow back through the mat giving maximum protection to the children whilst keeping the lawn looking fresh and green! Not only are they brilliant when they’re installed, actually installing them is as simple as it can be! All you need is a few of our pegs & cable ties. Just lay the mat down, fix into the ground with the pegs and fasten the next mat using our cable ties. It couldn’t be easier to install our playground mats!

Playground mats are a recycled rubber safety surface used around the UK by councils, schools, stable owners and general domestic users. They protect the ground from becoming churned up which can create a boggy and muddy mess. Playground Mats are commonly used in children’s play areas but also to protect your lawns, garden play areas and for equestrian access as these places tend to be prone to becoming boggy due continual use from pets, horses and children.

We will provide 4 plastic pegs and 10 cable ties per mat if you select the pegs and ties option. Larger packs are available to buy under the accessories subheading.

Grass Mats in Playgrounds

Grass/Playground Mats are a commonly used safety surfacing across the UK due to their flexibility for use in all locations and climates. The mats are easy to install and are often a cheaper solution to more expensive wet pour type installations.

However, one thing clear to us is that the testing of these mats is something not commonly understood in the industry. Our playground mats are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1177:2008, which means they significantly reduce the risk of injury.

3 metre Critical Fall Heights (CFH) are often quoted but are also often misunderstood by customers.

So, what does a CFH of 3m actually mean?

When tested in accordance with British Standard EN 1177:2008, a test height of 3 metres provides a HIC (Head Injury Criterion) value. The British Standard states that the HIC value must not exceed 1000, a number whereby it is deemed unlikely that fatal or disabling injuries will occur.

  • If you fell on to a surface from 3m and the HIC value recorded was 1000, the limit set by the British Standard, figures suggest that you would be 90% likely to sustain a moderate injury.
  • If you fell on to our Playground mats from 3m you would only record a HIC value of 550. Figures suggest that at this value there is only a 45% chance of moderate injury.

When a fall was simulated from a height of 3m on to our mats a HIC value of only 550 was recorded.

Playground Safety Mats • some interesting Facts

  • Our mats have been tested from a distance of 3 metres and received an HIC value of only 550.
  • The British Standard states that HIC values must not exceed 1000.
  • The CFH was tested in accordance with BSEN 1177:2008.
  • The mat size is 1500mm x 1000mm x 22mm thick (including the underside bobble). Covering an area of 1.5m2.
  • The mats are made out of high quality recycled rubber.
  • Easy to install.
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Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 1500 × 1000 × 22 mm


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