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Terram HDPE Geocell 200/356 (2.5m x 6.5m)

  • Improved Design Life: New generation made from HDPE
  • Cost-Efficient: Cut costs by 50% on reduced excavation and infill materials.
  • Sustainability: Lower CO2 emissions and supporting plant growth.
  • Versatile: Erosion control, platforms, roads, and tree protection.
  • Quick Installation: Robust design for swift, low-maintenance setup.
  • 200mm cell depth, 356mm weld spacing.
  • Full product description can be found below.

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Terram HDPE Geocells: Enhancing Infrastructure Stability and Sustainability


Terram HDPE Geocells represent a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of 3D cellular confinement systems. Designed to address soil stabilization, erosion control, and load support, these geocells offer a cost-effective and eco-conscious alternative to traditional construction methods. The innovative attributes of Terram HDPE Geocells enable substantial cost savings and reductions in CO2 emissions while enhancing project efficiency and longevity.


Key Product Benefits:


  • Extended Design Life: Terram HDPE Geocells play a pivotal role in fortifying project longevity by mitigating the risks of structural failures. Their application improves soil stabilization, facilitates efficient load transfer, and provides robust erosion control. Geocells serve as a barrier against platform settlement and deformation, enhancing the resistance of slopes to erosive forces.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Terram HDPE Geocells offer a rapid installation process that significantly reduces expenditure on infill materials. By cutting construction and excavation depth requirements by approximately 50% when compared to traditional methods, they promote substantial cost savings. Additionally, the utilization of locally available infill materials, such as sand, eliminates the need for importing costly pavement subbase materials, further contributing to cost efficiency.
  • Sustainable Construction: The deployment of HDPE Geocells offers a sustainable approach to construction, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of projects. This reduction is achieved by curbing the transportation of imported infill materials, minimizing the overall volume of infill required, and extending the design’s life. Geocells also facilitate the development of trees and vegetation on slopes, aiding in CO2 capture by preventing soil and vegetation erosion, while safeguarding tree roots from the harmful effects of compacted topsoil.


Versatile Product Applications:


Terram HDPE Geocells offer a versatile solution for a range of applications:

  • Slope Erosion Control: Geocells provide essential support in combating slope erosion, ensuring the stability and longevity of embankments.
  • Load Platforms and Road Sub-base Stabilization: Terram HDPE Geocells excel in reinforcing load-bearing platforms and road sub-bases, contributing to enhanced infrastructure durability.
  • Tree Root Protection: Geocells offer essential protection for tree roots, mitigating damage and enhancing their overall health.


In summary, Terram HDPE Geocells are a pioneering solution that amalgamates engineering excellence and environmental responsibility. These geocells are poised to redefine construction practices by delivering efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable results across a range of applications.

Additional information

Weight53.70 kg
Dimensions2500 × 6500 × 200 mm

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Terram HDPE Geocell Specification 

Terram HDPE Geocell Product Information 

Terram HDPE Geocell Tree Root Protection 

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What are the Geocells made from?The Geocells are all from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).  The grade selected has been specially to cope with the expected pressures, tensions, and dynamic loadings for the long term.

Have the Geocells been extensively tested?All the Geocells have been tested to meet CA Certifications.

Have the Geocells been manufactured to a Quality Control standard to ensure uniformity?Yes, they are all made to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 conditions.

Can the Geocells be installed around trees and obstacles?The Geocells are very flexible and can be cut easily on site to go around structures such as trees and manholes.

When it is required, how are the Geocells joined?They are normally joined by either Heavy Duty Stapling gun or UV stabilized nylon ties.

Can the Geocells work with change of gradient, curved surfaces and site undulations?These can be easily accommodated by slightly over expanding the cells or under expanding the cells or cutting on site. Please see installations guides for full details.

What does the maximum slope angle the geocells can work to?The maximum they will work to is 45 degrees. Please see installation guides for full details.

Do the Geocells need pinning on a slope?Yes, they do.  The amount of pinning per m2 depends on the slope angle, any changes in surface conditions and depth of geocell. Please see installation guidelines for details.

For Tree Route applications what thickness is required for car or HGV movements?For cars it is generally 150mm and for HGV it is 200mm.  The Geocells may need extra support depending on local ground conditions. Please see installation guidelines for details.

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