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Create Car Parking Areas

Overflow, driveway, commercial, grass or gravel areas – a great solution for reinforcing the ground to create car parking areas!

Paths & Walkways

A great solution for creating pedestrian pathways, disabled access routes, and golf buggy pathways on grass.


Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution (SUDS) due to 95% open surface structure.

Suitable for Cars and Vans

Load bearing capacity up to 400t/m²

Easy Installation

Supplied as 4 pre-connected pavers, therefore providing rapid installation. However, this does depend on the size of the installation area.

Excellent Shear Connection

Allows slopes up to 1:8 / 12% / 7° and no additional pinning

Key Uses for Bodpave 40

Overflow Car ParksFor a permeable porous car park that is likely to be used sparingly or intermittently the 40mm paver is likely to be the correct choice.  You still have a hardwearing paver, but overall costs are reduced both on material costs and spill removal costs.

Gravel Pedestrian WalkwaysFilled with a 5mm to 10mm angular gravel the 40mm porous paver will create a hardwearing walkway.  This can be done – depending on ground conditions – with or without a hardcore base.

Key Uses for Bodpave 85

Gravel Car ParksThe structure and shape of the gravel grid has been constructed to cope with everyday use. This coupled with a unique selected blend of recycled plastics, made to make the gravel grid very robust, makes it ideal for hard working permeable commercial car parks.

Gravel Access RoadsAny access road made from cellular permeable grids needs to be able resist higher dynamic loadings because of the often-increased speed of the traffic.  The Bod Paving 85 has been designed with integral locating spikes that has built to keep the gravel grid non-moving, locked, and long-lasting even under pressure

Grass Car ParkingWhen used to construct grass parking bays, the main problems using a grass permeable paver, are drought, lack of growing depth and grass root entanglement with the grass permeable paver.  Bod-paving 85 has unique built-in designs to counteract these problems.  For the drought there are water catchment trays within each cell to retain moisture.  For the lack of growing depth, the integral spikes are 35mm long allowing a extra thick bedding without losing stability.  And for grass root entanglement – to help the stability and resist deformation – the moulded shape encourages grass entrapment and protection of the roots.

General note: It is assumed that any installation is following either Grassmats Installation guidelines or have sought technical advice from Grassmats Ltd.

More Information

Bodpave plastic pavers are a great way to create parking areas and ground protection in any environment. Because these plastic grid pavers are designed to meet the needs of all residential and commercial projects, from driveways to parking and access roads, they are suitable for a range of environments.

Plastic driveway grids offer homeowners a cost effective alternative to concrete, while still providing durability and functional benefits. Furthermore, grass pavers and gravel pave systems are easy to install, taking less time than traditional pavement options, and require less maintenance in the long run. For more information, please see the manufacturer’s website.

What makes Bodpave so great?

Learn more about why Bodpave is the best permeable gravel & grass grid on the market

Cars parked on gravel car park

Case Study: Kesgrave Hall

Find out more about how this Bodpave helped Kesgrave Hall provide overflow parking for use at peak times.

Bodpave FAQs

Do I need hardcore under the 85 & 40 variants?Yes, if the traffic is going to be cars or heavier.  For pedestrian traffic, please contact Grassmats Technical

Are these pavers fully permeable?Bodpave, using the correct infills and construction profile, has been designed to be fully permeable.

Do you need planning permission to install Bodpave?It most cases you do need planning permission especially if there is a change of use of land.

Can it be used on a slope?If the slope is less than 5% then yes.  If the slope is more than 5% but less than 12.5% – yes but please contact Grassmats Technical.  Otherwise, above 12.5% it is not advisable.

Can Bodpave be used as part of a SUDs scheme?Yes. Bodpave has been designed to be used within a SUDs system when that is required.

What is the expected life of this product?If installed correctly and used appropriately the expected lifetime of Bodpave 85 is 25 years compared to Bodpave 40, which is 10 years.

Can Bodpave 40 be used for a gravel domestic driveway?Bodpave 40 is very suitable for a gravel domestic driveway.

Is Bodpave 85 suitable for a hardworking commercial car park?Above all, if installed correctly and used for cars only, then it is very suitable.

Is this product suitable for bridleways?40 – Where there is a solid well-draining sub-soil or there is a tree root issue and excavation of the topsoil is limited the 40mm paver would be a better option.  It still has all the hardwearing characteristics of the 85mm paver.  Again, ideally the infill used is a 3mm to 5mm angular free draining gravel.

85 – The main problem using a permeable cellular grid for a Bridleway, is the point loadings caused by the horses.  The plastics used to make Bod paving 85 combined with the designed cell shape give a flexible but very strong and robust porous paver able to cope with horse movements.  Ideally the infill used is a 3mm to 5mm angular free draining gravel.

Is this product suitable for driveways?40 – For the vast majority of gravel driveways, the 40mm cellular paver is correct choice.  It is strong and hardwearing enough to handle daily slow-moving car movements to endure for many years.

85 – On occasion where the driveway is also access to an oil tank or a septic tank a paver with a higher bearing capacity is required.

Unsure whether Bodpave is suitable for your project?

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