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Grassmats-Terram Partnership

Grassmats-Terram Partnership

It has now been two years since Grassmats Limited began our partnership with Terram, and to mark the milestone, we take a look back at the journey and how our relationship has flourished in this time. 

In May 2022, eager to improve and expand our existing ground reinforcement offerings, we were on the lookout for a new manufacturer to improve the quality of our grass reinforcement mesh and allow us to offer a new range of geotextiles, HDPE geocells and plastic cellular pavers

As we researched potential suppliers, Terram’s name was clear at the top of the list. With a reputation for quality and innovation, it is no surprise that they seemed like the perfect fit for our vision of providing customers with nothing but the best. Terram’s products are consistently listed on architect specifications time and time again, given the quality and reliability of their products.

Excited by the prospect of collaboration, we reached out to Terram, who in turn did their research on Grassmats. Terram have not got to where they are today by letting any company become a chosen supplier! They have a small group of UK distributors that are trusted to sell their products, and so we knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as simply asking to be made a part of that inner circle. Terram saw our vision as we were growing to become one of the leading suppliers in the ground reinforcement industry. 

From the outset, it was clear that our values were aligned. With both Grassmats and Terram focusing hugely on quality, whilst also looking to offer the best service and advice to customers. We weren’t simply a large merchant or stockist that was simply looking to churn out orders, we value and want to help each and every one of our customers.

We also had an ace up our sleeve, having appointed a new Technical Sales Manager, Paul Munday, who was widely known across the industry as being an expert in all things ground protection. Paul has decades of experience in visiting and assessing sites, plus had sold plenty of Terram products during his time in previous roles, even having input into the development of some of Terram’s products when they were first being created all those years ago.

As we began stocking Terram’s products on our shelves, we were met with an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers. They appreciated the durability, reliability, and performance that Terram’s products offered. Terram products have had years of testing and even now, work is always ongoing to look to improve products where possible.

At the time of writing, we are Terram’s only distributor that does not also offer alternative brand products of grass reinforcement mesh, Bodpave or the new and improved HDPE geocells. While some may have questioned the wisdom of limiting our options, we know it is the right choice. We believe whole-heartedly in Terram’s products, and we want our customers to share in that belief. 

Lee Scott, Managing Director of Grassmats Limited, has this to say on the Grassmats & Terram relationship:

The decision to supply Terram products has been game-changing for our business in the last couple of years.

Knowing that we have such high-quality products to distribute makes selling easy. It becomes more about working with our customers to provide potential solutions, and less about having to try and sell the product. 

The Terram brand speaks for itself and I truly believe that their products are the best on the market. 

Adam Brooksbank, Key account manager at Terram quotes:

As a market leader it’s always a difficult decision to bring on board a new distributor and to consider the pitfalls that can follow. However, after our initial conversations with Grassmats it became clear that working with them made sense; their industry experience, stellar reputation, and sheer enthusiasm for offering high quality products that are fit for purpose as well as readily available from stock really set them apart and made this decision an easy one for us!

Grassmats’ faith in our products, their ability to hold vast stocks, offer end users expert advice and a quick delivery have really helped to deliver exceptional results. The relationship continues to strengthen between the two companies and is a real partnership not just simply a manufacturer and distributor.

We have many case studies on our website showcasing Terram’s products in action. Take a look here. Plus, keep an eye on our website for any product developments and improvements. 

Two years down and hopefully many more to go! 

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