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Green Bodpave 85 for a grass Helicopter Pad 

Green Bodpave 85 for a grass Helicopter Pad 

Requirement: Fully Permeable Grass Helicopter Landing Pad

Client: IPGM Contractors

Location: Corfe Castle, Wareham


The client required a helicopter landing pad for business use.   The solution needed to be able to be capable to allow helicopter landings and take-offs, fully permeable to meet latest SUDS / water runoff regulation and to be in keeping with the high standard of the location.   It also was needed to be as low-maintenance as possible to reduce costs further.


Following a full site assessment, Bodpave 85 Green Permeable Cellular Pavers with Grass finish was chosen to meet the requirements on site. 

The Bodpave 85 was selected as Bodpave 85 is a tried and tested product that has been on the market for 20 years.  During this time, it has shown to live up to expectations when installed correctly and used appropriately.  Bodpave 85 is a tried and tested solution in often hardworking and trying conditions.


The above solution meant the customer has a safe helicopter pad that can be used throughout the year.  The fully permeability Bodpave 85 produced no water runoff and so needed no extra drainage reducing costs.

The grass finished Bodpave 85 is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and in keeping the latest regulations.

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