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Safety surface for High Ropes Builders

Safety surface for High Ropes Builders


High Ropes Builders were recently constructing a bouldering wall at a scout camp and reached out to us for a suitable safety surface.

In this case our 7.5m x 1.0m 22mm rubber grass mat rolls were the ideal solution for High Rope Builders due to their ease of installation. Rather than placing down 25 individual grass mats, the job was completed with 5 of our rolls – cutting down the time it took to install the safety surface quite considerably. Scroll down to read more about High Rope Builders and this particular project.

The Story of High Ropes Builders

High Ropes Builders specialise in the construction of outdoor adventure equipment. With over 20 years of experience in the outdoor industry and building trade, High Rope Builders provide high quality and cost effective high and low ropes, zip wire and climbing towers and much more. 

They specialise in the design, construction, and maintenance of all their projects and work in partnership with their clients to ensure they deliver the perfect project in the most efficient way.

As a specialist in building high and low ropes, zip wires and climbing towers, High Ropes Builders needs a reliable supplier of safety surfacing. High Ropes love using our grass mat rolls and regularly use them in their projects, due to the ease of installation and extra protection they provide for their customers.

Check out their website to learn more about the company.

Why are High Ropes Builders impressed with our matting?

All of our 22mm grass mats and grass mat rolls have been independently tested as a safety surface and the results show that they have critical fall heights in excess of 3 metres. When it comes to an important aspect such as safety, it is vital to have a solution you can rely on, and our grass mat rolls are safety tested to ensure that they provide a safe landing from falls in excess of 3m, making them the ideal accompaniment for equipment where falls are likely to occur from greater heights.

Our rubber grass mat rolls are manufactured from a combination of recycled rubber (saving waste from going to landfill) and natural rubber. No plastics are used in the manufacturing process, making it more sustainable than other forms of safety surfacing on the market. With very little maintenance required, it is easy to see why rubber grass matting is the most popular safety surface used in the UK.

Our grass mat rolls and individual grass mats also enhance the natural look of grass, blending in with the grass once it grows in to become barely visible, and protects the grass from becoming trodden down and wearing away around the perimeter of the climbing wall, making for a more professional looking installation for longer, with less maintenance required!

Comment from High Ropes

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Take a look at the gallery to see the results for this project – the grass matting provides an area of safety around the perimeter of the bouldering wall, meeting safety requirements, and more importantly, it means that users will be safe in case of a fall.

If you have any playground equipment, climbing frames or bouldering walls and looking for a safety surface to reduce the risk of injury, please check out our website for more information and to find the best solution! Need more help? Just get in touch as we are always happy to help! 

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Get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to recommend the best solution for your needs!

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