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Ground protection at KDW Doggy Day Care

Ground protection at KDW Doggy Day Care


KDW Doggy Day Care is a daycare centre for dogs based in Cantsdam near Dunfermline & Kinross. The facility is run by a team of passionate dog-lovers, who work to provide a perfect getaway for dogs. The grounds have woodlands, a brook, and plenty of grassed areas for the dogs to play on.

The vast areas of grass provides acres of space for the dogs to play, however this creates some areas with more footfall/paw activity. With high traffic areas, grass protection mats are recommended, as this reduces wear and tear and allows the grass to remain undamaged and healthy. KDW found our website and ordered some 22mm Rubber Grass Mats, which they have placed around various parts of their site. 

If you work in animal care and require some solutions to mitigate damage to grassed areas, minimise muddy areas, and prevent slipping, please see our Grass Mats page for more information and to find the best solution! Need more help? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

The Story of KDW Doggy Day Care

With over 20 acres of private land, KDW offer a safe play environment for dogs, with acres of well-fenced fields, its own woodland and stream, and plenty of activities to enable the dogs to play, run, and relax.

There is an agility playground, ball pit, paddling pools, a sensory tunnel, a slide and plenty of toys on site. KDW goes above and beyond to ensure that all dogs are comfortable, going as far as to separate by size and declining dogs that they feel are unsuitable for the environment. Check out their website to learn more about the company.

The daily use of the walkways by the dogs has caused high traffic areas around the site to start eroding, which can cause issues with both safety and aesthetics. 

How Grassmats helped to resolve KDW’s challenges

Due to the nature of grassed areas, footfall can cause muddy areas, divots in the ground, and general erosion of the walkways. Not only does this look unpleasant, but can also be hazardous to both staff and animals. KDW saw an opportunity to protect the ground and reduce damage to the grass.

KDW contacted our expert team to help with these issues. We recommended our 22mm Rubber Grass Mats as they are widely used in many industries and locations to achieve similar desired results of improving safety and aesthetics.

Grass mats can reduce mud even inside tunnels

How KDW uses grass mats

KDW now uses grass mats for a variety of purposes all over their premises. They provide anti-slip surfaces for the dogs in high traffic areas, which has improved safety on the walkways.

We use your mats in a variety of ways, which is why we love them.”

KDW has also found some more niche uses for the mats, including on steps, around washbays and gates, and even inside the agility equipment – providing non-slip surfaces all around.

As for keeping it all looking tidy, they do not find this to be a problem. Mark added “We let the grass grow through the mats to prevent wear in the common routes between the equipment. This can then be cut as usual with a lawnmower or tractor as I have to keep it all neat.”

“I can’t tell you what a difference the mats have made to our site here. The walkways are just so much safer – it’s great!

“In short, I can’t recommend these mats and your personal service highly enough.”


KDW were so happy with the initial results that they have since ordered more!

This versatility of the grass protection mats makes them an ideal solution to many common ground problems – from their ease of maintenance and their ability to reduce hazards, to being suitable for animal use, and keeping spaces looking neat and tidy!

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