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Case Study: The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust

Case Study: The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust


Requirement: 3200m2 Overflow Grass Parking for 170 Cars

Client: The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust

Location: Booth Bank Farm, Reddy Lane, Millington WA14 3RE


The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust is a centre that offer a diversity of free programmes for terminally ill, disabled, and disadvantaged children from all over the Northwest.  Over the past few years there has been seen an ever steadily expanding number of visitors coming to the Trust.  This has led to an ever-increasing demand on parking spaces especially during peak times like the summer months and holiday times.  With costs and planning issues, coupled with the sensitivity of the site, hardstanding of any kind was never going to be the answer.


After careful consideration, regarding the expected frequency of use and times of year that the extra parking was going to be needed, the solution was to install Medium Grade Grass Reinforcement over a prepared grassed area.  The matting did not need planning and was installed over a few days. After several cuts of grass, the mesh has become almost invisible and entangled with the sward and thatch of the grass.


The Children’s Adventure Farm now have a reliable grass car parking area which can be used when required – like the summer holidays and fund-raising events.  The area now can provide up to 170 extra car parking spaces and was installed for a fraction of the cost that a traditional tarmac or gravel car park would cost.  There was also no extra drainage requirements and no planning difficulties.  The grass car park is very much in keeping with the surroundings and the long-term ethos of the Trust.

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