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Why Bodpave is the Best Permeable Gravel & Grass Grid on the Market

Why Bodpave is the Best Permeable Gravel & Grass Grid on the Market

Why Bodpave is the Best Permeable Gravel & Grass Grid on the Market

The Bodpave permeable cellular paver has been in existence nearly 20 years.  It was designed by a team that had over 50 years’ combined experience of permeable cellular gravel pavers and grass pavers, meaning that the team knew which attributes were needed in the design of a new paver.

To start, they looked at the plastics used, the shape of the grid, and cost of production, and then combined this with looking at factors that determined the success or failure of existing gravel pavers and grass grids on the market.

Since it was launched, Bodpave has been an unqualified success and has become the brand leader, as well as the most specified by architects in the UK as a permeable cellular gravel grid.  To help you understand why we’re so confident in this product, we’ve put together a handy guide to outline some of the reasons that Bodpave is such a great solution.

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What Makes Bodpave be Amongst the Best Permeable Gravel & Grass Grids on the Market

  • Plastics used to produce Bodpave gravel and grass grids are all recycled and recyclable. Recycled plastics were chosen to reduce carbon footprint and keep costs down.
  • Bodpave was designed to have a long working life. When installed correctly and used appropriately, both the Bodpave gravel grid and grass grid is expected to have a working life of 25 years +
  • The polymer of the plastics used to produce Bodpave was carefully selected. The plastics used to construct gravel grids have to be both strong and resistant, but flexible to the turning motions and the downward forces of vehicles.  If the wrong polymers are used the gravel grid can be too soft and wear away too fast or can be too brittle and break easily – especially when ambient temperatures are cold.
  • The shape and the size of cells was carefully chosen. The strongest natural shape in nature is a circle. The finishing design was as close to a circle could be without compromising the integrity of the paver.  The size was of the cells needed to be not too open as not to confine the gravel securely but open enough to allow a good number of mixed angular gravel to allow firm shearing of the gravel.
  • The openness of the paver was deliberately calculated to be as open as possible to promote full porosity and to not hinder flow of water. At the same time full consideration was given to the structural integrity and the required high load bearing capacities of the gravel grid.
  • A size of grid at 500mm x 500mm was chosen for three reasons. Firstly, ease and speed of installation.  Some pavers are smaller in size but this increases cost in labour and time.  Secondly, a 500mm x 500mm will tend to lay straighter with fewer issues.  Thirdly, the Bodpave is delivered in ready clipped together in 1m2 sections to allow increased installation speeds.
  • Bodpave was designed with integral spikes. This was for three reasons.  Firstly, the spike is tapped into the bedding layer under the Bodpave gravel or grass grid.  This holds the paver in place stopping possible forward creep of the Bodpave caused by the dynamic loadings of vehicles.  Secondly the installation speed is increased, and costs reduced as extra spikes are not required and the extra time saved.  Thirdly the spikes encourage the use of a bedding for the construction profile so the Bodpave will lay flat, drainage is helped and a growing layer for grass roots is provided for when grass is the finish.
  • The shape of the Bodpave was planned so the paver has built in expansion capabilities. Sometimes when the cells are too box / square shape, expansion can cause the pavers to rise up against each other.  The Bodpave reduces the need for expansion joints therefore saving time and costs.
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  • Bodpave was tested at Sheffield University to ascertain the loading capacity of the grid. It was tested to at least 400kn per m2 when filled.  It is suspected that Bodpave has a much higher loading rating than this.  This has allowed Bodpave 85 with a gravel finish to be widely specified and installed for high use commercial car parks and coach parks.
  • Bodpave is designed with simple snap-fit strong connectors. This helps the Bodpave to link together to spread out loadings.
  • One of the main attributes of permeable cellular paving is the fact it is highly porous, and so when there is a grass finish, drought can be issue. Bodpave 85 solves this with a built-in moisture trap in each cell delaying drought and so reducing water loss and thus grass loss.
  • The open surface of Bodpave (92%), makes Bodpave very suitable to use within SUDS source control compliant projects.
  • There are 24 connecting points on the Bodpave gravel and grass grids. They have also been placed equidistant on the Bodpave.   This allows the Bodpave to be placed in one cell increments around obstacles keeping the look of the installed Bodpave neat and clean.  Also, the many connecting points ensures that all the grids connect to each other maintaining strength and reducing possible damage.
  • The integral spikes allow the Bodpave gravel grid to ensure secure fitting on slopes. Forward creep on slopes can be an issue with some permeable cellular pavers but the spikes on the Bodpave stops this.
  • Bodpave is made in the UK to the latest ISO manufacturing standards. This ensures that Bodpave gravel and Bodpave grass grids are uniformly made and so consistent in size and strength.

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