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the Ultimate Shed Base Solution with Bodpave 40

Solid Foundations

If you're planning on building a shed, it's important to start with a solid foundation. And that's where Bodpave 40 comes in. Our market leading paving grid product is the ultimate shed base solution, offering unmatched stability, durability, and versatility. Plus, with our extensive stock levels and fast delivery, you can have your shed up and running in no time.

Importance of a Good Shed Base

Before you start building your shed, it's crucial to ensure that you have a good base in place. A sturdy and level base will help keep your shed stable and secure, preventing it from shifting, settling, or even collapsing over time.

Without a proper base, your shed can be vulnerable to a range of problems, from moisture damage to pest infestations. That's why choosing the right shed base is such an important decision.

Types of Shed Base

When it comes to shed bases, there are a number of different options to choose from. Concrete is a popular choice, as it provides a strong and stable foundation. Paving slabs are another common option, but they can be difficult to level and may shift over time. Plastic grids, like Bodpave 40, offer a lightweight and eco-friendly solution that is both easy to install and incredibly durable.

While each of these options has its own benefits, we believe that Bodpave 40 is the best shed base solution available. Unlike concrete, it won't crack or shift over time, and it's much easier to install. And unlike paving slabs, it won't require constant maintenance or replacement. Plus, our product is made from 100% recycled plastic, so you can feel good about choosing an environmentally friendly option.

Ground prepared for bodpave

Introducing Bodpave 40

Bodpave 40 is a revolutionary product that has quickly become the go-to solution for shed bases. Made from high-quality recycled plastic, it's both eco-friendly and incredibly durable. What sets Bodpave 40 apart from other options is its unique design. Each panel has a series of hexagonal cells that can be filled with a variety of materials, from gravel and sand to soil and grass. This allows for excellent drainage and ventilation, helping to prevent moisture buildup and promote healthy plant growth.

But the benefits don't stop there. Bodpave 40 is incredibly easy to install, with each panel interlocking to create a stable and level surface. And because it's made from plastic, it's much lighter than concrete and won't require heavy machinery to install. With Bodpave 40, you can have a solid and stable shed base in just a fraction of the time it would take to install a traditional concrete base.

Using Terram 1000 Geotextile Mini with Bodpave 40

When it comes to installing a shed base, using the right materials is essential. That's why we recommend pairing Bodpave 40 with Terram 1000 Geotextile Mini. This high-quality geotextile fabric is designed to be used with Bodpave 40 to provide an extra layer of protection against erosion and help with stabilisation and drainage.

Terram 1000 Geotextile Mini is perfect for stabilisation and drainage applications as it provides separation and filtration functions, preventing the intermixing of granular layers and the ingress of fines. By placing Terram 1000 Geotextile Mini between the ground and your Bodpave 40 panels, you can help prevent soil erosion by stabilizing the soil beneath your shed base.

In addition to providing soil stabilization and drainage, Terram 1000 Geotextile Mini can also help to reduce the amount of maintenance required for your shed base. By preventing the intermixing of granular layers, it can help to prevent the formation of uneven areas.

Using Terram 1000 Geotextile with Bodpave 40 is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure that your shed base stays strong and stable for years to come. With these two products working together, you can have a shed base that is both functional and durable, without having to spend a lot of time or money on maintenance.

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Product FAQs

What preparation work do I need to do?• Ideally the ground should be level, flat and have good drainage.
• Assuming that ground is sound and stable, excavate to a depth of approximately 70mm.
• Level and compact the excavated area.
• Confine the excavated area with an edging using a plumbline to ensure straight edges.

Do I need a weed membrane or geotextile layer?If you lay a Terram Geotextile on top of the exposed soil area. This will not only stop weed growth, but will stabilise the area and stop migration of the bedding downwards.

What size gravel should I use?We recommend adding a bedding layer of approximately 30mm deep of either sharp sand or angular mixed gravel which has a size 3mm to 10mm, for the Bodpave 40 to sit on top of.

Once the Bodpave 40 has been installed, we recommend filling the Bodpave 40 with an angular mixed sized gravel 3mm to 10mm. 

Are there any tricks to laying the Bodpave?• Starting in the corner of longest straight edge and flowing a plumb line or straight edging tap firmly the Bodpave 40 into place until they naturally bed.
• Lay with the loop connectors outwards on the leading edge ready for the next Bodpave 40 tiles.
• Repeat until finish.

Is there any ongoing maintenance required?No further compaction should be required. Also, there should be little, or no maintenance required. The gravel should interlock together and stay confined within the Bodpave 40 giving a self-draining, stable and hardwearing base.

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