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  • Super Durable

    All of our rubber gym matting is made from solid rubber and does not contain any EVA foam, which makes them very durable.

  • Commercial or Home Use

    We supply our mats both to commercial gyms as well as for domestic use. No job is too big or small!

  • Expert help available

    Our team have lots of experience in looking at floor plans to advise on the number of mats required and helping with any queries.

  • Bulk discounts available

    Looking to fit out a large area? Get in touch and we can provide a quote.

  • Easy to Install

    All of our gym matting is easy to install. The mats can be cut with a sharp blade (hacksaw / circular saw / stanley knife) to fit into bespoke sized areas.

  • Recycled Material

    All of our rubber gym flooring is manufactured from a mixture of natural and recycled rubber flooring. This means that we save hundreds of thousands of scrapped used tyres from going into landfill each year!



Look no further than the above products. They might be marketed as gym mats, but they are also regularly used in garages for both home gym use but also as general garage flooring.

They are capable of withstanding the weight of bikes and cars, but if there is any vehicle use, you should avoid turning the tyres whilst on top of the mats, as this could scuff the mats up and possibly even tear them in extreme circumstances.

Yes, absolutely! Check out our case studies for more information where we have previously supplied our gym matting for use by fencing classes.

Product FAQs

Just get in touch with us and we can do the work for you. We regularly work with flooring plans and can advise on how many mats you need. It is helpful for us to know which mats you want to buy, but we can also make our recommendation based on your proposed use!

Absolutely! All of our matting can be installed without the need for expert help. The mats may need to be cut to fit flush against a wall, but this can be done easily with a sharp blade.

Ramped edging strips can be purchased with the majority of our interlocking matting, to avoid any possible trip hazards.

Generally this is only required if the edge of the matting is in the middle of a room and not against a wall. If the mats are being placed against a wall then you would normally be better off ensuring the mats sit flush against the wall without the need for the extra edging pieces.

All of our gym mats are made for durability in mind. They are all manufactured from a mix of natural and recycled rubber, and do not contain any EVA foam.

You should be mindful of purchasing mats online that contain EVA foam as this can be a common way to expand the size/thickness of the product, whilst offering very little benefit in terms of durability or weight.

Speak to an Expert

We'll help you choose the best product for your project